4 Best Goal Zero Yeti Power Station Alternatives

Here are the 4 best Goal Zero Yeti power station alternatives that are just as good and at better price points and capabilities in this short guide.

Let’s jump right into it!


Why did we choose this product? Jackery’s portable power station is one of the smallest and lightest 167-Wh rechargeable lithium battery generators in the market. The Explorer 160, specifically, is perfect for indoor and off-grid outdoor activities like camping and fishing. It can also act as an emergency backup power source that’s capable of charging your smartphones, camera batteries, laptops, mini-fridges, drones, and more.

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What are other users saying about this product?

  • Portable and compact – With an easy-carry handle, take it everywhere you go! The power station weighs less than 4 lbs and is smaller than a cubic foot.
  • Solar/battery powered – This power generator doesn’t require any fuel or gasoline to be powered. You can get a full charge in just five hours with a wall socket or a car or in 8-10 hours with solar power.
  • Other features – This power generator offers a built-in LED flashlight for emergency blackouts. It also has an LCD screen to display charge, and it comes with three buttons with light indicators to let you know about the charging process.


Why did we choose this product? MAXOAK’s power station is a clean 500-Wh lithium portable power station. It is designed for power backup for power failure or far away from a wall outlet. You can have your small household appliance like a television, mini-fridge, LED light, drone, camera, laptop, router, projectors, smartphone, tablet charged in no time. The compact and lightweight design is perfect for indoor and outdoor activities.

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What are other users saying about this product?

  • Camping generator – With 500-Wh of backup power, you’ll be able to use this power station for emergencies and power small devices. For example, with a full charge, you can charge a smartphone over 50 times.
  • Flexible charging methods – You can charge this power station via a wall outlet, solar panels, 12V or 24V car charger, or a generator. MAXOAK uses a built-in MPPT, so there’s no need to connect your solar panel hookup to a charge controller.
  • Safe to use – They built a high-quality auto-level battery cell with a higher power discharge rate and a lower heat output, and it’s safer than the ordinary battery cores with a cycle life of more than 1,000 uses.


Why did we choose this product? The EcoFlow RIVER Max is the RIVER power station that you can take anywhere you go. It includes an extra RIVER battery that doubles the battery capacity and offers you reliable, portable, and easy-to-access power wherever you go. To make your next trip less stressful with additional strength at the palm of your hands.

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What are other users saying about this product?

  • Efficient solar power – The RIVER Max is also compatible with solar panels, which provide you with a way to generate clean, reliable solar energy on the go. Two 110W solar panels can be connected in parallel to charge the RIVER Max in 3-6 hours.
  • Easy-to-carry handle – The RIVER Max weighs just about 17lbs, is exceptionally durable, and features an easy-to-carry handle.
  • Reliable power to work – A compact, reliable power source allows you to be more efficient at work and stay on schedule without worrying about power sources.


Why did we choose this product? With over ten years of background in the energy industry, BLUETTI is committed to providing premium all-in-one sustainable power solutions for all kinds of off-grid life. The BLUETTI AC200P is a power monster. You can use the AC200P for home backup in case of unexpected power outages or use AC200P as a clean sun-powered generator for van lifers. It can also keep your power tools running for outdoor work.

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What are other users saying about this product?

  • Power saving mode – The Eco mode can prevent up to 50% of wasted electricity loss. It will automatically power down when the output load is lower than 50 Watts for four hours, just in case you forget to turn it off.
  • Faster charging methods – For a regular recharge, you can use an AC adapter to charge this power station in 5 hours, or you can use a dual AC adapter (not included) to power this power station in just 3 hours.
  • Higher safety and stability – The power station utilizes the safest LifePO4 battery cell to ensure stability, the most extended life cycle, better heat dissipation, and a higher discharge rate for the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why look for alternatives when I can just buy Goal Zero’s Yeti?

Goal Zero products are well worth the price, but since it’s a bigger brand and company, some of their products, especially the premium ones, are out of budget for some people.

Another reason to buy a Goal Zero alternative would be if the other companies offer power stations more compatible with your solar system than Goal Zero’s Yeti. Some power stations provide different sizes, accessibility options, monitor displays, and much more.

Are Goal Zero products worth it?

Based on users’ reviews of Goal Zero products, some say that they are happy with their products because they work efficiently without any problems. Goal Zero offers extended warranties in case anything breaks.

Other Goal Zero users say that the products are sometimes a bit too expensive for their life length. For example, the Solar Energy Store says, “Overall, the Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Lithium Portable Power Station does not seem worth it. At $1,200, a solar generator that will only last 500 cycles and takes ages to recharge is not the best option on the market.

Wrapping up

Because of budgeting, sizing, or other issues, some people aren’t able to purchase a Goal Zero product, but that’s okay because there are many different power stations out there in the market that work just as well as Goal Zero’s products with half the cost.

Hopefully, this article helped you find your perfect Goal Zero alternative!