4 Best Briefcase Solar Panels For Outdoor Use

In this brief article, we’re going to take you through the 4 best briefcase solar panels for outdoor use. These solar panels provide mobility and easy storage no matter where you go.

We will also answer some commonly asked questions afterward and take you through some of the factors and the decision-making for choosing the perfect briefcase solar panel for you—let’s dive into it!


Why did we choose this portable solar panel?

Ever since the invention of solar technology, Goal Zero has been a big name in paving a new way forward in mobile energy usage at home, while traveling, or off-grid. Their products are engineered with precision, and every feature has a purpose since they’re designed with a real-life case in mind. With many mobility features, you can check it out here at amzn.to/3zZEjq5

What are other users saying about this portable solar panel?

Compatible with power stations – Along with making solar panels, Goal Zero also produces power stations that are compatible and can be charged using solar panels. For example, the Boulder 100 briefcase can power up a Yeti 1500X in just 25-50 hours—recharging 20-30% of Yeti battery each day under full sun.

High mobility – Meant for mobility, the solar panels can be folded up into a briefcase-sized configuration. With a top handle, this 26 lb solar panel can be easily moved and stored in a safe location for transport and unfolded for sunlight collection.

Durable – Built with strong tempered glass and an aluminum frame with added corner protection, this briefcase solar panel comes with two 50-Watt solar panels that are chained together and connected by a hinge.


Why did we choose this portable solar panel?

TwelSeaven’s 120-Watt folding solar panel is designed for travelers with high durability, portability, and compatibility. It’s a perfect companion for all outdoor activities. Compared with other solar charges, the company has added USB QC3.0 and USC-C port outputs which can greatly reduce the chagrin time with compatible devices. Check out more about it at amzn.to/3wXc1uh

What are other users saying about this portable solar panel?

Handle and kickstands – With four adjustable kickstands, get 25-30% more sunlight than just laying flat. With other solar panels averaging an efficiency of 17%, this foldable solar panel outputs an efficiency of 23%.

High output power – The more ports, the merrier. With 1 USB QC3.0 port and 1 USB-C PD port, all compatible devices charge up to four times faster than with other solar panels.

More durability – The back of the solar panels is made of durable polyester canvas. The surface is made out of industrial-strength PET, which can resist the harsh environment encountered in outdoor activities.


Why did we choose this portable solar panel? OFFLAND’s foldable solar panel is designed for most portable power station generators on the market—compatible with Jackery, Goal Zero, SUAOKI, Enkeeo, Paxcess, ROCKPALS, and more. It’s also great for traveling off paths without access to electricity and won’t take up much room in your bag. Check it out at amzn.to/3dfITGX

What are other users saying about this portable solar panel?

Carry it however you want – The solar panel folds into a briefcase-like shape for easier carrying and storing, but if that gets too difficult for you, you can always carry it like a backpack!

Charges almost anything small – With a 23% efficiency conversation rate, you can charge any smartphones, tablets, cameras, music players, and much more with this solar panel.

Waterproof and dustproof – The solar panel uses waterproof material that can be used typically even in light rain—featuring standard IP65 materials.


Why did we choose this portable solar panel? Last but not least, Bigblue’s foldable solar panel features 12 solar panels that unfold into a giant canvas of solar cells. Take it out from its briefcase-like case, and lay it on a table or the ground. After that, connect your electronic devices to the charging port, and your gadgets will start charging—as simple as that! Get it here at amzn.to/3vXavHo

What are other users saying about this portable solar panel?

Ultra-thin – Made out of high-quality ETFE, UV-resistant EVA, and efficient solar cells, this solar panel is highly durable and resistant to environmental elements such as rain, making it far superior to PET or laminate solar panels construction.
High efficiency – The light transmittance of ETFE is up to 95%, which means that you’ll get good quality and high solar conversion efficiency together—you can expect an efficiency of more than 22%.
Broad compatibility – With PD60W and DC output ports, you can use its fast-charging technology to power up almost all iOS and Android products. You can even power up small fans, flashlights, laptops, and other small devices as well.

Why Use Briefcase Solar Panel Over Foldable Ones?

Briefcase solar panels offer portability like never seen before. However, manufacturers understand that lugging around solar panels that weigh as much as a guitar amp can be complicated and inefficient.

That’s why many solar panel manufacturers and engineers have designed these solar panels to fold, lock, and be carried like a briefcase for comfort, mobility, and easy storing. With the ease of assembly, all you have to do is carry it out from your car, unlock it, unfold it, and lay it on the ground.

As soon as sunlight touches the unfolded solar panels, they start collected usable electricity that you can use to charge almost any tiny devices, no matter where you are—as long as there’s sunlight.

Most appropriate power output

Just like power generators, there are many output ports on some foldable solar panels. The best one to look for depends on what you want to charge—most people use foldable solar panels to charge their phones, laptops, and camera batteries. For those cases, a USB port is the best thing to look for since most small devices use USB charging as their primary charging method.

For more advanced devices and charging methods, some solar panels output their power using USB-C, which you can use for most smartphones and some laptops as well. USB-C is slightly faster and more efficient, according to the textbook definition.

What do I power? What do I not power?

As mentioned above, you’ll only want to use folding solar panels for smaller devices. Even though the solar panels fold out to cover a large amount of space, many will frequently think that they have enough power to charge many devices at once.

The truth is that even though the solar panels look big, they still don’t power as much as a premium residential solar panel—most foldable solar panels have a rating of 50-100 Watts.

You will want to power up small devices, such as smartphones, tablets, camera batteries, and maybe even laptops. You can also power up any USB flashlights and USB fans.

You will want to stay away from anything that requires a big plug to charge, such as a gaming console, a television, or even small refrigerators. Solar panels can charge those more oversized items, but they are more expensive and not as mobile.

Does it charge solar battery banks or power stations fast?

Some of the solar panels connect directly with power stations as a battery. Other solar panels have their own small battery bank that they collect and distribute power from.

For the solar panels that connect to power stations, you can get a decent amount of charging done during the daytime with the right kind of foldable solar panels.

For example, the premium Boulder solar panels can charge a Yeti power station with just a day or two of sunlight, and even though those solar panels are more expensive, that power station can last you several days if used correctly—they can even power larger appliances like televisions and gaming consoles.

Key Takeaways

If you’re looking for foldable solar panels that can charge smaller devices, you’re in at the right time.

Many foldable solar panels are manufactured and sold for cheap, and they don’t use inexpensive materials.

So plan your summer trips and vacations properly, and don’t be left behind without access to electricity at times when you need it the most!