5 Best Solar Firestarter

In this quick buyer’s guide, we’ll be talking about the 5 best solar fire starters currently available in the market. Every solar fire starter is different and has its benefits and disadvantages, but we’ll tell you what other buyers think about them as well.

So here they are:


Why did we choose this one?

This is the most simplistic solar fire starter that’s available to users. It uses a simple, concave mirror to focus sunlight on a single spot in place by a spring.

If you’re a hiker or a camper, The Comidox Solar Fire Starter is always great to have in your backpack—its mini, portable size makes it easy to carry, no matter where you are. As long as there’s sunlight, it’ll work. Check it out at amzn.to/2PAXFzg.

Environmental protection - Energy-saving, windproof, waterproof, and durable design makes it safe-to-use and environmental-friendly.

Easy-to-use - All you need are clear skies, direct sunlight, and material (wood, paper, cloth, etc.). Point the device at the sky, and you’ve got a flame!
Cheap and impressive - With the price being only $7, it serves as a neat party trick to impress your family and friends.


Why did we choose this one?
Another simple fire method is by focusing solar rays on a single planar spot using a large, magnifying sheet.

If you’re going camping, The Fresnel Magnifying Sheet is always great to bring along—since it’s a flat sheet, it’ll fit in almost any backpack, folder, or in the glove compartment. Check it out at amzn.to/39FoObm.

Multiple uses - Besides using it for starting a fire, you can also cook, read, and even watch television with magnifying sheets!

Durable material - Made from PVC that won’t break, you won’t have to worry about dropping these sheets, as they’ll just bounce—not shatter.

Great gift - If you’re looking for a birthday, holiday, or anniversary gift for a hiker or a camper, this fun tool will come in handy!


Why did we choose this one?
Using a more compact concave mirror, the Suncase Solar Lighter is slightly more expensive than the first solar mirror but made from a higher-quality mirror.

This tool is something that even college students carry around, as they can have a flame with them anytime they’d like. Using two concave mirrors, the Suncase Solar Lighter uses actual mirrors instead of cheap plastic to help you start a fire—check it out at amzn.to/3mjagmX.

Usable in rough conditions - The mirrors concentrate sunlight into a spark that will light almost anything.

Economical - Replaces the gas, so there’s no need to buy countless environment-hurting lighters or pay for refills.

Eco-friendly - Uses the free, non-polluting energy of our very own sun to start a flame.


Why did we choose this one?
Using another magnifying sheet, the Lifesport Gear Fresnel Lens is even more compact than anything we’ve seen. Being the size of a credit card, this small, magnifying sheet will slip right into your wallet for space-saving.

Even if you aren’t a camper or a hiker, this is an excellent tool for everyone to have. It’s not only for starting fires; it can be used for multiple tasks. Check it out at amzn.to/3cM0Mxa.

Compact and travel-ready - The credit-card-like design makes this fire starter travel-ready for anywhere you go—all you need is the sheet and the sun.
For emergencies - It isn’t the best option for starting a fire, but it’ll work during sunny conditions.
Simple-to-use - All you’ve got to do is use this magnifying sheet to focus sunlight on cloth, paper, or even wood for just a few seconds to minutes, and you’ll have a solid flame.


Why did we choose this one?
For a more expensive approach, we’ve researched the Fresnel Solar Magnifying Lens Sheet, and although it’s more costly, it’ll start a fire in under a minute.

If you have the budget, we’d recommend checking out this giant magnifying sheet for a super-simple way to start a fire, and it even works for other things. Check it out at amzn.to/3uivi7Q.

Quick to start - With its hefty design, this sheet will start a fire in the roughest conditions with the suitable material.
Flat design - Even though it’s large, it’s still flat, making it easy to store this sheet in tight spaces.
Durable - Made out of lightweight, flexible, durable acrylic material, this fire starter won’t break easily and can easily last years.

Buyer's Guide


Most solar fire starts use concave mirrors to redirect and focus incoming sunlight to a single point above the mirror—with a hemisphere-shape, more sunlight is diverted. With all of the sunlight, the holster’s material heats up quickly and causes sparks that result in a fire.

Magnifying sheets are different but use the same method. These sheets are used to direct the incoming sun rays to a single spot which causes the material to heat up faster than mirrors, but a little bit of manual adjusting is required.


Almost all of the fire starters are durable and won’t break for a while. Conventional fire starters with a concave mirror are likely to fail due to their shape, but magnifying sheets last for years.

Higher-quality fire starters that use magnifying glass sheets and mirrors that aren’t made of plastic have the highest success rates among other fire starters. Still, they are more costly than traditional fire starters and will break if not treated with proper care.


Since most fire starters are manufactured with simple materials, fire starters’ cost tends to be low. Cheap fire starters run from $3-$10 because they’re made out of plastic with a relatively low success rate.

Everyday fire starters and sheets run between $10 and $20, and these will have a higher success rate due to their material and quality. Fire starters above $30 are premium, but this isn’t the case where more money spent means a better item—a $10 fire starter will work just fine for most cases.


Magnifying sheets are used to start a fire, but they can also be used as a magnifying glass! Users will use these sheets to read books, newspapers, and papers with ease, as you would with standard magnifying glass.

Some users have even built a 100” theater system using a magnifying glass sheet that increases their regular television size to a giant screen—creativity is limitless.


As we wrap up, we hope this short guide helped you learn more about traditional fire starters!

Starting a fire shouldn’t be a pain, nor should it cost you more than it needs to. Be environmental-friendly the next time you go camping with family and friends with a solar fire starter!