Top 9 Solar Survival Kit [Super Innovative Stuff For 2021]

As solar technology continue to improve, there are tons of innovative solar products you can use for outdoor and survival applications.

In this guide, let's take a look at the 9 best solar survival kits you gotta have in your camping gadget pile. We ranked these gears based on practicability, and price.

Let's check them out

GoSun Portable Solar Cooker

Why this? Food is the most important in off-grid survival situations. The GoSun portable solar cooker so light to carry along with your camping gears, and it can cook prepared food under the sun in less than 50 - 90 mins assuming full sun exposure and cloud coverage. If you're not good at starting a fire, then this is the easiest way to go.

Feeds Up To 2 People - Two cooking trays are included for feeding up to 2 people without cooking everything in one pile

Adjustable Angle - Solar position meter and adjustable leg stands allow the user to angle the cooker to absorb the most amount of sunlight for faster and more efficient solar cooking

So Easy To Carry - It weighs less than 2 lbs, it can be folded and zipped up for simple carry and it doesn't feel bulky for backpackers or long range hikers

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Why You Need This? - Imagine you seriously need an outdoor shower to clean up but you can't just use cold water. Well this is 5 gallon water bag contains all your personal hygenie need while leveraging sunlight to warm up the water.

Built In Carry Handle - Carry 5 gallon of water easily via the carrying handle

Built In Shower Head - No additional parts needed, the show hose is ready right out of the box with on/off switch, and it can be stowed away with a simple velcro strap

Built In Temperature Gauge - Check the temperature of your water

Pack All Your Hygenie Items - Extra pocket to store tooth brush, travel size shampoo and other grooming items. An additional mirror is included for all your grooming needs.

Large Filling Valve - Fill up the bag reservoir with water effortlessly and easy with convenient twist off cap

Why Buy This One? If maintaining fresh food and drinks are important to your particular outdoor situation without ICE, then this solar cooler is the choice for you for home use, outdoor, survival, travel and more!

No ICE Required - The solar cooler's refrigeration technology keeps food and drinks cool, dry and even frozen for outdoor applications. No ice means no added weight or leaving a bucket of water at the end of the day

Store Up To 50 Cans Of Drinks - 40 liter capacity is enough to hold most supplies you need in an survival situation. For outdoor camping applications, this is enough storage for a whole 3 days.

Charge With Sunlight Or Direct Power - Charge the cooler with the sun or using direct power source to keep the cooler working

Why You Need This - If you need music and background noise along with your outdoor adventures, this Goal Zero solar speaker is what you need. It's built with weatherproof body that can stand all mother nature elements compared to an regular home office bluetooth speaker.

Loud Output - DarkBass chamber enables high airflow for deep bass

Integrated Solar Panel - Built in monocrystalline solar panel can charge the speaker 100% in 8 hours, and it's always charging as long as the sun is out

Connect To Any Standard Headphone Jack - Connect anything to it either via wire, wireless or one touch blutooth 3.0 pairing

Built In Mic - User can also talk using the speaker while connected to your cellular device

Why Get This One? The Goal Zero Nomad 50 is by far the fastest charging device before spending over $250. If you need speed and a rugged product, this is the one to get.

Fast Charging - When time matters in a survival situation, a fast-charging speed of 3 -6 hrs is an important spec over anything else.

Convenient Plugs Container - Store all your cords in the side mesh pocket without needing a separate bag to carry them.

Portable Plus Kick Stand - Carry it anywhere you want and deploy the kick stand into place at multiple angles to maximize solar exposure

Multi Charge Ports - Works for USB, vehicle cig plug, and solar ports to connect additional solar panels for even faster charging speed

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Why This Is A Must Have - The Yeti 150 power station isn't just a charger, it's almost like a home wall power plug power generator for outdoor applications. It's by far the best middle ground power station without spending over $200.

Optional Add-On: Pair it with Goal Zero NOMAD 50 or NOMAD 100 solar panel to recharge the power station

Professional Grade On-The-Go Power - Field-tested in a wide range of environments, from the beach to job sites to the power outage situations. It's small, easy to carry and it fits perfectly in the backseat to keep power-hungry devices charged on long road trips.

Powers Almost Everything - Charge phones, tablets, small laptops, batteries and photograph lighting setup and many more.

USB, AC and 12V Outputs - Up to 15 recharges on most phones, like iPhone and Android through the 2.1A USB port. Get 1 to 2 recharges on small laptops and up to 8 recharges on most DSLR camera batteries.

Why Pick This One? - When water water is needed, this solar kettle thermal flask is here to help. Just like the solar oven cooker, this one can heat up water to prepare your coffee, energy drink, freeze dry food, soup and it can also be used to cook food. The difference between this and the GoSun portable solar cooker is the volume and cooking speed.

Built In Temperature Gauge - Check the temperature as you heat up what you need

Cook Anything - Just like the solar cooker, this one can heat up large volume of water if needed

solar bag water purifier

Why This Is A Must Have - Water is essential for anyone in camping and survival situations. Similar to the Lifestraw, the SolarBag water purifier features nanotechnology to kill contaminants to provide safe drinking water without the need for chemicals, pumps, or other special processes.

Only 2 - 3 hours of sun exposure to process 3.5 liters of cloudy water before drinking.

Why You Gotta Have It? - Once you receive this product in your hand you will know what we are talking about. This small and simple solar lantern can be collapsed and opened for low-light illumination with just 60 lumens and lasts up to 35 hours like a candle. Users can also charge the device via USB or sunlight.

In addition, the lantern features 3 settings:

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • Candle Flicker (bonfire experience)

Also available in White, Green, Aqua, Blue, Orange, Magenta, Red