How To Determine Your House’s Monthly Power Usage To Size Solar Power Requirement

How much power do you use for your home?

This is super simple and let us show you how to determine your house's monthly power usage to size solar power requirement and couple factors to consider.

The Easiest Way To Determine Your Home's Power Usage

Look at your electric bill for the past 12 months!

The reason why we take a 12-month increment is that different seasons yield different power usage.

Different geographic location yields different power requirement.

For example, Summertime in Las Vegas yields a higher air conditioning bill than Wintertime. Wintertime in Minot, ND yields higher heating bill than the summertime

The good part about the summer season is that there is more sunlight energy available to collect.

Calculate Annual Daily Average

After you have gathered your home's 12-month electric bill and divide it by 365 days, this number will be used to calculate how much solar power you need to build your solar system, and it will even help you to figure out how many solar panels you need.

For example: Annual power usage is 19120 kWh

Annual Daily Average - 19120 kWh / 365 days = 52.38 kwh / day

The next step is to take this number to size your solar panel required!