How to Fix a Broken Wire on Solar Light

This short guide will take you through the steps of fixing a broken wire on your solar lights. A lot of it is common sense, so let’s jump right into it! 


Wire Tension

Many users like to stretch their wires out as much as they can to cover the most area with solar lights. While this is helpful in the short run, it can cause wires to break over time. The best solution to this issue is to buy another set of lights to ensure the most coverage.

Chewed By Animals

The best solution for this issue is to install the solar lights at a height or elevation to ensure that any dogs or wildlife can’t reach the wiring.


Naturally, as time progresses, the wiring within the solar lights will tend to get old and break down. As there isn’t a permanent solution to this issue, you can always take good care of your solar lights by giving them monthly inspections and maintenance—maybe even replacing the wires every year to ensure that the solar lights won’t stop working.

Initial Bad Setup

One of the most common issues for wirings breaking is the initial connection made when the installation is done. The best solution for this method is to ensure that all of the wires are appropriately connected without tension or stretching.

Bad Connection

In general, if none of the above fixes your situation, it could just be an internal connection problem. There isn’t an excellent way to avoid this issue, but the best approach to solve the problem is to contact the warranty or the manufacturers to see what they would recommend.

Most of the time, they will provide the parts needed to fix the solar lights for free!


Fixing broken wires is generally straightforward, but without proper tools or training, it can be dangerous. Take caution with every approach in this guide.

The tools you’ll generally need may include a multimeter, soldering gun, wire strippers, wiring glue, electrical tape, and a lighter.

  1. Remove the connection from the solar panel/solar battery to the lights.
  2. Check along with the wiring for any seeable breaks, cracks, or splits.
  3. For any minor splits or breaks, apply electrical tape to the wiring.
  4. If the electrical tape doesn’t work, strip the wires with wire strippers.
  5. Twists the two ends of the wires together.
  6. Use the soldering gun and solder on the wires to make sure that there is a connection between the two ends.
  7. Let the solder coat and dry thoroughly.
  8. Cover the connection with either electrical tape or silicone glue.
  9. Finally, use a lighter to heat the covering of the wires.

After these steps, you should be able to turn the wires on to see if they work. If not, you may have to contact the warranty or the manufacturer to gain insight on troubleshooting options or to replace the whole set as a whole.


Having your solar lights give out on you entirely before a big event or a party can be stressful. Hopefully, this short guide helped you fix up your solar lights without costing you a fortune!

Sometimes if the issue isn’t easy to fix, it may be easier or cheaper to buy another set of solar lights, but that doesn’t always have to be the first go-to. Be safe while fixing the wiring on those solar lights!

Thank you for reading! Feel free to check out our full guide on the best solar string lights.