How To Make Solar Garden Lights Brighter

The solar garden lights you’ve purchased online seemed bright on picture, but then you realize that it isn’t as bright as what you hoped it would be.

In this quick guide, we show you how to make solar garden lights brighter even after a few months of use.

Try These Methods First Before Spending Money On Replacement

There are couple things you can do to have your lights shine as bright as new.

Always Maximize Sunlight Exposure

The more you can orientate the solar garden lights to face the sun throughout the day, the more battery juice they can retain to run the lights.

Clean Off Visible Debris and Dirt

Besides tuning up the performance of the battery or the light bulb, first check to see if the light unit is clean. Wipe things down so the lumen intensity is not obscured by the visible dirt residue.

Clean the Solar Panel Surface

Maybe your light is totally fine but the solar panel is dirty. The dirt is blocking the sun, which loses its efficiency to produce enough power for your lights.

Cleaning them on a regular basis is recommended to keep your solar garden lights bright before you go down on the path of fixing unnecessary things. You can learn more on how to clean solar panels here.

Replace Batteries

Solar light batteries do degrade over time, and it’s a good idea to replace them every year to top off the light’s performance.

Make sure you use compatible ones that can be recharged such as low capacity NiMH and NiCd batteries since Solar light produces low charge current, and it actually better to use relatively low capacity solar light batteries.

You can use regular alkaline-based batteries on solar garden lights for temporary use while you’re getting the replacement, but not for more than 5 – 6 days.

Consider Purchasing Higher Quality Solar Garden LightsLast Resort

If nothing else works, it’s not worth the time to optimize things. Instead you should consider buying some higher quality solar garden lights. The higher the quality, the brighter it will shine.

It will cost slightly more, but it will be worth money and time so you don’t have to DIY your way extra time after a busy work week to.

You can learn how solar lights work here.