[All Major Devices] How Much Power They Use

Before buying solar panels, generators or sizing a power system, this quick reference guide provides you general ideas on how much power these devices need in these categories:

  • Household/RV
  • Contractor
  • Farming
  • Office

Let’s take a look

Power These Things Need

Household / RV

UnitAvg Starting Wattage RequiredAvg Wattage Required
AC Window Unit 10K BTU36001200
RV 13500 BTU28001600
Washing Machine22501150
Box Fan20080-180
Dryer Gas1800900
Dryer Electric67505400
Coffee Maker1500200-400
Electric Blanket50-15050-150
Electric Fry Pan18001800
Electric Range1500-20001500-2000
Furnace Fan 1/8 Hp500300
Furnace Fan 1/6 Hp750500
Furnace Fan 1/4 Hp1000600
Furnace Fan 1/3 Hp1400700
Furnace Fan 1/2 Hp2350875
Incandescent lights5-155-15
Microwave Oven 650W1000650
Microwave Oven 1000W14001000
Radiant Heater13001300
Sump Pump 1/3 horsepower2700 950
Hair Dryer300-1600300-1600
Cell Phone Charger1-41-4


UnitAvg Starting Wattage RequiredAvg Wattage Required
Air Compressor 1/2 hp16001000
Air Compressor 1 hp45001600
Bench Grinder25001600
Circular Saw 23001450
Concrete Vibrator 1 hp10501050
Concrete Vibrator 2 hp12501250
Concrete Vibrator 3 hp15501550
Drain Cleaner250250
Drill 4 Amps600440
Electric Chain Saw 2 hp11001100
High Pressure Washer30001200
Rotary Hammer12001200
Table Saw 10″45001800


UnitAvg Starting Wattage RequiredAvg Wattage Required
Battery Charger 15 Amp380380
Battery Charger 60 Amp15001500
Battery Charger 100 Amp24001500
Electric Fence 25miles250250
Electric Welder 200 Amp1150011500
Electric Welder 230 Amp57505750
Portable Heater 50K BTU600400
Portable Heater 90K BTU725500
Portable Heater 150K BTU1000625


UnitAvg Starting Wattage RequiredAvg Wattage Required
Fax Machine160-800160-800

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