How to Restore Faded And Oxidized Paint

Let us show you how to restore faded and oxidized paint due to brutal UV sun rays in this guide.

Car paint will oxidize and toast the paint over time especially under the sun causing paint damage, and we can do the following to prevent this from happening

  1. Keep the car out of harmful UV rays much as possible
  2. Add protective coating

3 Simple Steps To Restore

  1. Start with a simple car wash and clean away the oxidation with detailing clay
  2. Abrasive car paint polish compound to rub away the oxidation with a foam applicator
  3. Finally, do a second pass to restore the shine

Now let’s take a look at those steps with a bit more detailed instructions

Tips For Severe Paint Oxidation

If you have some very serious car sun damage you can restore it as well.

  1. Thoroughly wash the car
  2. Use car clay bar system to remove dead paint and bonded contamination
  3. Use wool pad to remove leftover small particles, paint flake, scratches, and oxidation
  4. Prepare a cutting polish and a finishing polish
  5. Use the cutting polish to remove dead paint without scouring the finish
  6. Use finishing polish to get deep in the paint’s pores to bring back the shine

Pro tip: Use a dual-action car polisher & buffer machine to level the surface and stores the shine much faster and easier than doing my hand and saves so much time

If only fixing an small area, please be sure to isolate the area using detailing tape to prevent contaminants generated by the buffer from scattering in other areas of the car paint.

Tips For UV Prevention

  • Park the car under shades as much as you can (Especially for exotic cars)
  • Use a car cover
  • Regular polishing and waxing

Wrap Up

  • Prevention is ideally better than fixing later
  • Park your car in the shade as much as you can to avoid constant UV rays striking the car surface
  • Wax and polish the car’s surface regularly to preserve paintwork and to keep the surface shining
  • Wash the car regularly to remove bonded containment that can eat away the paint
  • Schedule an appointment with a car professional to detail your car and restore oxidized paint