6 Best Ring Solar Panels [For Security Cameras]

Ring Camera Solar Panel

A small solar panel is compatible with the RING Spotlight Camera. They are very easy and quick to install.

There are many products available on the market today. Do you know which ones are the best RING solar panels for your spotlight cam?”

We have put together a list of products people are already buying for the RING Camera to save your time researching on your own.

Let's check it out below:

RING Brand Solar Panel

RING Brand Solar Panel is an easy pick as it is guaranteed to be compatible. The panel is also compatible with the Ring Stick Up Camera. It is compact and easy to install, and is of course a great aesthetic pairing to the Spotlight Camera. The downsides to this panel are that it has a lower power output than some of our other choices today and is a bit pricier.

Wattage/Voltage: 2.2-watt/5.2-volt panel
Dimensions: 7.8 in X 5.5 in X .50 in
Design: Weather-resistant design and adjustable mounting bracket includes tool kit and 20 ft cable w/ weatherproof barrel connector
Extra Features: Comes in black and white and includes a tool kit and a 20 ft cable with weather-proof barrel connector

The Wasserstein Solar Panel offers similar features and power capabilities as the RING brand device for a more convenient price. However, this product is only offered in white and is bulkier than its counterpart.

Wattage/Voltage: 2-watt/5-volt panel
Dimensions: 8.25 in X 7.01 in X 2.68 in
Design: Weather-adjustable mount rotates 360 degrees for maximum sun exposure and a watertight seal around the connection point ensures safe outdoor use on rainy days
Extra Features: Dual charging ability with a DC connector cable option

This panel is produced by a well-known solar producer- Renogy. The panel is rated for 5-watts of power, over double that of the previous panels in this guide. It is a larger panel but comes with flexible mounting options.

Wattage/Voltage: 5-watt/5-volt panel
Dimensions: 9.10 in X 7.03 in X .70 in
Design: 360-degree mounting bracket and 2-meter charging cable with waterproof junction box included
Extra Features: Dual charging ability with a DC connector option

BigBlue, a reputable solar brand, offers a 5-watt panel that is compatible with both RING home security cameras. This panel comes equipped with weatherproofing technology and an extra-long charging cable. It is significantly larger than other alternatives mentioned today, but it’s power output makes up for its size.

Wattage/Voltage: 5-watt/5-volt panel
Dimensions: 10.94 in X 9.17 in X 4.09 in
Design: Highly flexible and weather-resistant with IPX6 waterproof solar panel, 360-degree mounting bracket, 6.23 ft charging cable and DC connector
Extra Features: Comes in black to match the camera and is also compatible with Ring Stick Up Camera

Buyer’s Guide:

ring solar panel kit

RING LLC is a smart home security company which got their start on Shark Tank back in 2013 and were eventually acquiesced by Amazon in 2018. They are best known for their flagship product- RING Video Doorbell. However, lately a different product of theirs has been the talk of the town- RING Spotlight Camera.

As mentioned earlier, the device is battery operated and solar compatible- a handy feature as it reduces the frequency in which the user needs to remove the battery compartment for recharging and, depending on how often the camera is activated due to the user’s unique circumstances, may eliminate the need to do this all together.

RING sells a solar panel that is guaranteed to be compatible with the device, but other panels will work as well and some may even work more efficiently. In this guide, we are going to look at the specifications for a RING brand solar panel and we already reviewed a few alternative panels for the device above.

How Do RING Solar Panels Work

ring solar panel for RING security camera

RING solar panels use the PV effect to convert sunlight into a usable energy source. The panels act as a trickle charger for the camera battery, increasing the battery life by about 1-2% each day, depending on the sun exposure.

While this is a slow charge mainly meant to maintain battery levels, past consumers have said that they have seen significant battery charging over the course of several days. Moreover, the panels only require a few hours of direct sunlight a day in order to keep itself charged according to the manufacturer.

Typical Motion Events Per Day

ring security camera pov

The frequency of motion events fluctuates greatly between consumers, and this leads to different charging needs.

The motion detector itself uses very minimal battery power, however every time the camera activates, and the spotlight turns on, there is a quick and high draw of battery power. 


Many consumers want to know how reliable their solar array will be:
“Will the RING solar panel keep my device charged and running?”

While the solar panel is advertised to be able to keep the cam afloat on just a few hours of sunlight a day, the provider themselves note that solar panel is only meant to reduce the frequency in which you will have to manually recharge the batteries and that it is not produced as a way to eliminate manual charging.

Without any motion events happening, your battery will stay consistently charged on solar energy.

If one motion event happens, the panel will be able to recoup the energy levels on its own over a few days’ time. However, if several motion events happen in a short period of time, the solar panel likely won’t be able to keep up.

This is because the camera/light combo requires a whooping 25 watts! Since the panel is only rated for about 2 watts of power, it simply cannot produce enough power to keep up. A larger solar panel would be more efficient for complete reliability.

Common FAQ

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions on this topic. If you still have unanswered questions after this read, be sure to reach out to us at SunvivalGuide and we will be glad to help!

How Much Power Is Required to Operate the RING Security Camera?

The amount of power used depends on what mode the device is in. When the device is in idle/standby mode waiting to detect motion, it uses less than 2 watts of energy.

If the camera and night vision technology are engaged together this will use around 4-5 watts of energy.

The highest power draw will be when the light and camera are both in use (when motion is detected). This requires a power draw of 25 watts.

Does the RING Solar Panel Need Direct Sunlight?

As the manufacture states, a few hours of direct sunlight a day is sufficient to keep the camera charged. But what if you’re camera is installed out of direct sunlight?

As long as the solar panel is getting some amount of light, charging will still take place. It doesn’t need direct light exposure, but it surely helps. Reduced sunlight means reduced power conversion. This leads to reduced charging and likely an increase in necessary manual charging through other power sources.

How Long Do RING Solar Panels Last?

According to previous consumers, panels last at least six months with daily constant use. They may last longer under ideal conditions. RING offers a warranty for repairs or replacement for one year from the date of purchase.

Can the RING Solar Panel Power 2 Cameras?

It is hard to say if RING Solar Panel can power two cameras at once since every household will have a different amount of movement detected throughout the day based on location and other unique circumstances.

Our team hasn’t found any reviews of past consumers who have tried to power two cameras at once with their solar panel, but the answer we would lean towards is no.

Since the solar panel acts as a trickle charger to the device, we believe that the continual power output will be too low to keep two cams afloat. It’s probably better to play it safe and get each cam its own designated solar charger.

How Do You Know If RING Solar Panel Is Working?

You can check charging and battery status in the device health section of the RING app. In the device health on the bottom of the screen, it shows power status or you can check if the device is currently receiving power in this section of the app.

You can also check this by looking directly at the battery. Red and green lights on the cam battery will light up during charging. The device is fully charged when the light on the battery shines a solid green.

This does however require pulling the battery out of the camera. (When replacing the battery compartment make sure it clicks closed.)

The app is a faster, simpler way to check this.

How Long Does It Take to Charge RING Camera with the Solar Panel?

Remember that this is not the intention of the solar charger for this device! Ring Solar Panel Charging Ring states the panel should provide a trickle charge of 1-2% each day.

However, consumers have reported being able to charge the battery up over several days. Your best bet is to get the solar hooked up at the time of installation, that way the battery never has a chance to deplete in the first place!