4 Best Outdoor Solar Security Cameras

Are you looking for a camera system for security applications?

We have researched the 4 best outdoor security cameras currently on the market based on price, weight, resolution and control. Do you know which ones they are?

Let's check them out

Reolink Argus 2 - Best Overall For Smart Home Security

Why pick this one? We are most impressed by its image quality that features Sony's Starlight CMOS sensor for night vision video capability. For around $129.99, this is by far the most solid choice on our list.

Works At Night - 1080P HD image and video even at night up to 33 ft

Capture Wide Field Of View - Up to 130 degrees of view to capture everything where the camera is pointed without wired connection

Works With Smart Technology - Motion-triggered recordings go straight to the microSD card or cloud storage for review and instant share, and the Google Assistant & Alexa follow the user's voice command for view switch.

Works With Solar - Works with solar panel to power the camera on top of rechargeable battery to make the camera last without ever touching it.

Maxsa Security Camera - Best For Data Privacy

Why pick this one? No matter what you're worried about missing, the Maxsa security camera will catch it via motion sensor technology just like the Reolink Argus 2. The best part is that it's solar-ready right out of the box to be installed anywhere without battery requirement.

Up To 5 Hours Of Video - Day or night, the camera is ready to record colored footage and be reviewed with time-stamped file name for positive event identification

Not Connected To The Could Server - Afraid of the big tech stealing your data? You don't have to. Access your video only through USB connection

Floodlight Illuminates The Scene - Motion-activated security camera and the floodlight to capture anything in the dark with well lit images, and nothing can escape it.

Why pick this one? Soliom’s wireless IP camera is similar to the Maxsa camera recommended above but with added wifi feature just like the Reolink Argus without Alexa or Google Assistant. It can pretty much do the same thing as the Argus 2 including cloud storage (Paid service for more storage) and alert notification to your smartphone app, and it can record sound.

ieGeek Wireless Camera - Most Affordable

Why pick this one? This solar outdoor security camera is slightly cheaper than the other competitors, and it can do everything the previous 3 cameras can but with a slightly narrower field of view by 20 degrees less than the Maxsa. The only downside is that it requires a wifi extender for a good connection if the camera is used in wide-open areas.

Buyer’s Guide: What to Look For


Most cameras come with mounting bracket for wall mounting, and there is not much to worry about.

Size & Weight

Weight isn't an issue if it's mounted rock solid on the desired camera location, and the size profile is something to consider if you want to be discrete.

Battery & Solar

A larger battery with a long lifespan is ideal to keep the camera working without much maintenance. When using s solar panel to power the camera, it is also important to have a reverse charge blocking diode to prevent the solar panel from draining stored power back out of the battery during times of insufficient charging.

Camera Resolution & Night Vision Quality

With modern security camera, everything is high definition and 1080P type quality is as common as having a smart phone. However, night vision quality is something that you need to pay attention

Sound Recording

Audio capability adds more information to the video for law enforcement investigation and people who absolutely love to capture as much truth as possible.

Waterproof and Dust Proof Rating

Resistance to the elements is an imperative factor when it comes to durability and longevity of outdoor security cameras. Cameras need to be able to withstand heavy rain and dust. IP ratings typically indicate the waterproof rating followed by the dust proof rating.
For example, IP65 means that the waterproof rating is 6 and the dust proof rating is 5. A rating of IP6X would indicate that the device is not dust proof (X).

Camera Data Transmission Type

Camera recordings can either go into a SD card or the cloud. For people that are concerned about the big tech might be watching you without fully understand how they do it, it's recommended to go with a camera that can do the basic recording.

However, if you want a system that can alert you right away, then the smart technology is needed as long as you're being smart with it.


To get something like what we have recommended would have cost over $500 back in the day, but now you can get them for as low as $40 - $ 150 packed with all kinds of features and capabilities.

Common FAQ

Where Will the Footage Be Saved?

Most cameras come with  SD card to stored saved footage or Cloud storage.

Smart feature has connection to a cellular network to notify the user upon triggering motion sensor and enables live viewing. The user can access stored video/pictures on authorized mobile device and immediate share with whom may concern.

How Much Maintenance Is Required?

When using a solar powered camera, it's important to keep the solar panel clean just like you would do inspections on your home rooftop solar panels. Other than that, battery life has to be checked and camera lens surface need to be cleaned.

Does the Camera’s Solar Panel Work Well in Shade?

Recommend 3- 6 hours of sunlight exposure is needed for the solar panel to be doing its job to support the camera. If cloudy weather or something blocking the solar panel for a long time, then it requires the user to do some maintenance before the onboard battery runs out.

When Does A Wired Camera System Make More Sense Than Solar?

A wired camera system is the most reliable and provide constant non-interrupted connection and video feed. Solar is great for placing camera at places where hard connection isn't available.