Best Solar Blinds

Choosing solar panel blinds or solar shades can help bring down home energy costs, while also providing free solar energy in some cases. In this list of the Best Solar Panel Blinds, we’ll discuss all of the benefits solar panel blinds have to offer.

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Whether you’re looking to save on utility costs, protect your home’s interior from damaging UV rays, implement more sustainable practices or anything in between, we’ll lay out the top options available today.

Let’s jump right into our list of the Best Solar Panel Blinds so you can find what will work best for your home. Our selection includes a wide variety of products so you won't be limited in possibilities.

Solar Gaps Smart Blinds

Why did we choose this one?

The SolarGaps Smart Blinds not only provide the privacy and shade of conventional blinds but also help power your home appliances and devices using the sun’s energy. You can easily control the blinds by using an app on your phone, making it a convenient and practical solar solution.

However, those aren’t the only reasons we placed these blinds on our list of the Best Solar Panel Blinds. SolarGaps Smart Blinds are made from durable materials and can operate effectively even at extreme temperatures, while also withstanding harsh weather. When installed on the outside of your home, the tough metal composition of these solar panel blinds can even add an extra level of protection and security to your windows. With all of these benefits, it’s easy to see why these best solar panel blinds are a smart choice.

What are users saying about this product?

Free Solar Energy- Who wouldn’t want to lower their energy costs? These SolarGap solar panel blinds allow those of you who may not have the space or ability to install full-sized solar panels to still reap the rewards of clean renewable solar power.

These solar panel blinds absorb the sun’s rays, send the energy to an inverter, which then converts the energy into usable electricity for your home. With a monocrystalline solar cell featuring a 22.4% efficiency rating, these solar panel blinds can help power everything from lights to TVs to computers.

Easy to Control - Our phones have the ability to control much of the technology in our homes. The SolarGaps Smart Blinds are no exception. The SolarGaps app works with both iOS and Android operating systems and lets you control all aspects of your blinds from any location. These blinds are also compatible with other smart home integrations, so there are no extra steps involved. With these solar panel blinds, you’ll also receive reports on how much energy your smart blinds are producing, so you can tell how much conventional electricity you’ll be saving.

Durability - The solar panel slats themselves are constructed from sturdy Swiss aluminum. What makes them even stronger is the durable steel cable that connects the individual panels. While the blinds should be fully retracted in cases of severe weather, high-quality materials keep them protected from wind, rain, snow, etc. Another testament to their durability is their ability to operate in temperatures ranging from -20℃ - 60℃.
Placing these durable blinds on your windows also serves as a deterrent to burglars or home-invaders, so you’ll have extra peace of mind when at home or on the road.

My Smart Blinds - Blinds Automation Kit

Why did we choose this one?

The reasonably priced Automation Kit from MySmartBlinds allows anyone to transform their everyday blinds into convenient solar-powered automatic blinds. The easy setup, smartphone app control, and temperature sensing features are all reasons that these smart blinds made our list of the Best Solar Panel Blinds.

These solar-powered blinds will end up saving you money from both the free solar energy used to charge the motor and by optimizing the blind positioning throughout the day. This helps keep your home’s energy use efficient.

What are users saying about this product?

Temperature Sensors - By sensing and adjusting to temperature changes, these blinds can significantly impact your energy usage. You won’t have to worry about adjusting the blinds as the sun changes position in the sky. As the temperature heats up or cools down, these automatic blinds will adapt, blocking the sun’s rays when it's warm and letting them in when it is chilly. You should notice a decrease in your utility bills after making the switch to MySmartBlinds.

Easy installation- The second reason these made our list of the Best Solar Panel Blinds is the simple installation process. No special equipment or power tools are needed in order to set up the kit. All you have to do is simply remove your current blinds, set the motor in place, and replace your blinds. You can then install the included solar panel to take advantage of the free charging from renewable solar energy. The whole process only takes a few minutes, which means you’ll get to enjoy your new automated solar-powered blinds immediately.

Custom Scheduling - The easy-to-use app lets you decide exactly when you want your blinds to open or close, and how much incoming light you want to allow. You can set daily or weekly schedules to match your lifestyle, and can even program your blinds to change with the seasons. With overwhelmingly positive customer reviews, you’re guaranteed to benefit from these efficient solar-powered blinds.

Why did we choose this one?

The AXIS Labs Solar Blinds Motorizer is another easy-to-use and easy-to-install option on our list of the Best Solar Panel Blinds.

This solar-blind motorizer incorporates several different methods to control your automatic blinds such as smartphone app control, voice control when integrated, and simple touch controls. Take into account the included solar panel, and this motorizer will essentially pay for itself by using free energy from the sun.

What are users saying about this product?

Touch & go - A convenient touch and go panel is mounted near the window. This panel allows the ability for you to choose the exact position of your blinds with a tap of your finger.

All features of the AXIS Labs Solar Blinds can also be accessed with a mobile app, but the small and handy control panel gives your family, friends, and other guests the ability to control the blinds without app access.

Battery Backup- The solar panel included with this motorizer ensures that your automatic blinds will always be charged and functional, even when the power goes out.

Still, the AA battery backup adds an extra layer of insurance, providing power even during times with minimal sunlight. Using solar energy as the main source and battery as the backup, you won’t have to worry about your solar blinds ever losing their charge.

Best for Looped Cord/Chain- This motorizer is compatible with most blinds or shades featuring a looped plastic or metal chain. If your home already features blinds with a looped chain or cord, then this might be a perfect option for you, as you won’t need to make any additional purchases.

Why did we choose this one?

Next up on our list of the Best Solar Panel Blinds in the RollerShade Solar Blind Charger. Unlike the previous products, this solar-blind charger does not include a motorizer or any automation equipment. Designed for those who already have automatic or smart blinds, this compact yet powerful solar panel charger is ideal for anyone looking to power their blinds with renewable energy. Versatile and convenient, this solar-blind charger can help conserve electricity and keep your blinds reliably charged with no outside power source.

What are users saying about this product?

Cost Effective - The relatively low price tag on this solar charger is a major plus. By simply placing this solar charger in your window, you can generate free electricity to power your blinds. While this solar charge won’t be able to supply enough power to also run additional household electronics, you’ll still be able to save on any energy costs associated with charging and operating your automatic blinds.

Convenient size- Measuring approximately 15.2” x 2.8” x 0.6” means this solar-blind charger won’t take up much space in your home. Small enough to easily fit in your hand, this portable solar-blind charger can be moved from window to window as necessary. Once you place the charger in your desired location, you’ll hardly even notice it’s there.

Versatility - Another appealing aspect of this solar panel blind charger is its versatility. You can place this solar charger in any location that receives adequate sunlight. Choose the location that works best for you, whether it’s adhered to the window pane itself, set flat on the windowsill, or mounted somewhere out of view. The 94.5” connector cable also gives you the flexibility to select the optimal location, so you can set it and forget it.

Why did we choose this one?

For those of you who have roller blinds, sheer blinds, or even roller insect screens, the Zemi Smart Solar Rechargeable Blinds Motor can help make your life easier. Sporting a long-lasting battery that can be effortlessly recharged by solar energy, this solar blinds motor can help you go green while saving money. On our list of the Best Solar Panel Blinds, this affordable option is one of the best solutions for long and hard to reach shades.

What are users saying about this product?

Long-Lasting Battery - The DC lithium-ion battery included with this solar blinds motor only needs to be recharged after every 600 operations. However, when using the optional solar panel as a power source, you won’t ever have to worry about messing with the battery in order to recharge it. With no electrical wiring required and no confusing installation, your solar panel blinds will be safe for the entire family and suitable for use in any room.

Good for Large Shades- Some people may find themselves in situations where successfully using shades on hard to reach windows can be a painstaking process.

Luckily, with this solar motor, you won’t ever find yourself having to stand on a ladder or chair again. Large shades with dimensions up to 120” x 120” are compatible with this design. 

The remote control functionality means you’ll save time and energy when raising and lowering your shades. Now, all it takes is a click of a button and even the hardest to reach shades can be adjusted to your liking. You can even choose to upgrade to a remote with several channel settings and timer capabilities.

Excellent Solar Panel- Especially in hard to reach areas, you’ll want to be confident that your lithium-ion battery is being properly charged. The strong aluminum alloy frame protects the solar panel from damage or scratches.

The solar panel is durable enough to be installed indoors with an adhesive window strip, or outdoors using a screw or bracket installation. As long as it receives enough sunlight, the solar panel included with this motor will fully charge the battery in just two days.

On top of all that, this solar panel has a simple but sleek design, so no matter where you install it, it won't stand out or draw attention.

Why did we choose this one?

Finally, on our list of the Best Solar Panel Blinds is the Somfy WIREFREE™ SOLAR PACK. Once again, this product does not include the motor itself, but rather the solar panel charger and installation accessories. For those of you who already own Somfy motorized blinds or window coverings, this solar pack is an environmentally-friendly addition. This low profile solar charger requires hardly any maintenance and can help reduce some of your energy costs.

What are users saying about this product?

Low Maintenance - Solar panel chargers require very little maintenance. Since your motorized blinds will now be charged by solar energy, the need for changing batteries or plugging in additional chargers is eliminated. The Ni-MH batteries are fully rechargeable and provide enhanced performance. By not requiring the use of disposable batteries, you’ll also reduce the amount of waste. Overall, there will be less time, money, and energy put towards your motorized blinds.

Low Profile- The Somfy WIREFREE™ SOLAR PACK features another inconspicuous solar panel design. Measuring just 11.85” x 1.57” x .43”, this incredibly small solar panel won’t intrude on the appearance or style of your window. Chances are your friends, family, and guests won’t even notice it at all.

Compatible Most Windows-

This solar panel blinds charge should be installed on the interior of your window to protect it from any damage. That being said, it is compatible with most types of glass including single pane, double pane, and energy-saving glass. This solar pack includes both a mounting kit, as well as a glass adhesive, so you can successfully mount your solar panel charger in the most practical location.

Why do People Use Solar Panel Blinds or Solar Shades?

There are a few different reasons for using solar panel blinds and solar shades. These include generating electricity, optimizing your home’s energy efficiency, protecting personal items from UV damage, and more. Let's take a look at what first time buyers should look for when purchasing either solar panel blinds or solar shades.

Buyer’s Guide

How does a solar panel blind work?

A solar panel blind essentially works the same way as a traditional solar panel. The blinds capture the sun’s energy, and by the use of an inverter, convert that energy into usable electricity for your home. That means that in addition to providing privacy and shade, they are also helping you power your electronics.

Types of Solar Panel Blinds

The only true solar panel blinds on our list are the SolarGaps Smart Blinds, meaning the blinds themselves actually generate active solar electricity. These types of solar panel blinds can significantly lower your energy bill, by providing free solar energy.

The other type of solar blinds included in this guide is an automated blind system that is powered by small solar panels. Both types of solar panel blinds are clean, energy-efficient, and cost-effective alternatives to traditional motorized blinds.

Versatility / Ease of use

Versatility and ease of use are essential. All of the options featured on our list of the Best Solar Panel Blinds are extremely easy to install and most don’t require the use of any special tools. Since they are compatible with many kinds of already existing blinds or shades, you won’t have to worry about any costly or complex upgrades.

Versatility in solar panel placement and operating procedures should also be considered. Several options feature easy-to-use remote and smartphone controls.

Solar Shades and Colors

The color of your solar shades can make a difference. Dark solar shades are better at blocking more light, reducing glare, and absorbing more heat.

Light-colored solar shades are better for rooms where more light is desired. Light-colored solar shades also reflect more light and heat.

Depending on the location of your home and your desired outcome, you’ll want to weigh the benefits of dark vs light solar shades.

Smart Blinds or No?

Smart Blinds offer many advantages that ordinary blinds do not. First off, smart blinds can be powered by solar energy so you don’t have to worry about changing batteries or connecting wall chargers.

Since many smart blinds can be set to operate on a schedule, you can choose exactly when you want increased privacy or how much light you want to allow at specific times. This can ultimately affect your energy consumption and lower your total monthly utility costs.

Motorized Roller Shades

Being motorized means that these shades can operate without manual controls, such as drawstrings or cords. This makes opening and closing shades in hard to access areas significantly easier. As mentioned earlier, by having motorized shades and blinds you can help increase the energy efficiency of your home.

How much power can a solar-blind generate?

The total amount of power generated by solar panel blinds varies depending on conditions like location, available sunlight, time of year, and potential obstructions.

In ideal sunlight conditions, the SolarGaps solar panel blinds can produce a maximum output of 100W per square meter of panels. That’s enough electricity to run a TV, charge multiple devices, and power 20 light bulbs.

Slats Follow the Sun Throughout the Day

The individual slats on the SolarGaps Smart Blinds are designed to adjust their positioning throughout the day. This feature allows them to absorb the maximum amount of sunlight, so they can continue to provide the necessary power output all day long.

Common FAQ

What’s the Difference Between Roller and Solar Shades?

Roller shades and solar shades both operate in similar ways. The main difference is that solar shades are designed to block out harmful UV rays, while roller shades are simply for blocking light. Another difference is the fact that solar shades are always slightly transparent, though the total opacity can vary. Roller shades on the other hand can offer full blackout options.

Can you see inside with solar shades at night?

Yes, solar shades are made from transparent fabric so visible light can pass through them. While it is difficult to see inside a home with solar shades during the daytime, at night they become easier to see through, especially when interior lights are turned on. Adding an additional layer or dual shade can fix privacy issues.

How long do solar shades last?

Solar shades can effectively last for many years. Some solar shades have a lifespan of 15 years or longer depending on the material and quality.

What Do the Percentages Mean on Solar Shades?

The percentages associated with solar shades represent the solar shade opacity. Ranging from 1-14%, the lower the number the more UV and visible light are filtered out. Therefore, 1% opacity will block the most light, while 14% opacity will block the least amount. 5% opacity is a common choice for homes.

Do Solar Shades Keep Heat and Cold Out?

Most solar shades are designed to effectively block direct sunlight from entering and overheating your home during warmer months. This helps save on cooling costs. During cold months solar shades will not provide as much insulation from the cold, but in some cases can still act as a slight barrier from drafty windows.

Do Solar Shades Stop Furniture From Fading?

Yes. One of the main benefits of solar shades is their ability to block damaging UV rays. Overtime UV light will fade furniture, rugs, paint, and other personal belongings. Solar shades can drastically reduce the amount of UV light entering your home.

Can Solar Shades Be Installed On Doors?

Doors that contain large glass panels can usually be equipped with solar shades. It should be noted that not all types of doors are suitable for solar shade installation.

How Do You Clean Solar Shades?

Solar shades can be easily cleaned using a microfiber cloth, a mild soap, and some water. Additionally, using a gentle vacuum brush attachment can help rid your solar shades of dirt and dust. Check out this video for more detailed instructions: How To Clean Solar Shades.

Wrap Up

Well, that concludes our guide to the Best Solar Panel Blinds. Both solar panel blinds and solar shades can improve your home’s energy efficiency, save you money, and help out the environment in the process.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of which products and blind options would work best with your home and lifestyle. To learn about other exciting products and breakthroughs in the solar energy world be sure to check out all of our Sunvival Guide content.

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