7 Best Solar Charger Backpacks [Updated 2021]

solar panel backpacks hiking through rough terrain

In this guide, we've tested some of the best solar panel charging backpacks to recharge your electronics while doing outdoor activities! 

There’s been many good ones on the market- don’t know which one to buy?

Let us show you the good ones to get below:

7 Best Solar Charging Backpacks

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Voltaic Systems Converter Rapid Solar Backpack Charger wireless

Why did we choose this one? Works for hunters, hikers, campers, and student. walking through campus, this backpack can give you space to safely carry your laptop, notebooks, and other things while charging your electronic devices whether it’s your phone, laptop, iPad, or an electronic reader. Get yours while they last at amzn.to/2EcL7IH

What are users saying about this product?
Increased pass-through power- The solar panel that’s equipped on this backpack is what’s known as a “pass-through” panel- these types of panels don’t necessarily need a battery for the electricity to be stored into. You can hook your phone right up to this solar panel to get instantaneous charging as long as there’s enough sunlight.

There’s also a Voltaic battery that’s included with this product, so if you’re not using the panels for charging anything at the moment, the panel doesn’t stop working- it stores the transformed electricity into a power bank to be used later on or if there isn’t enough sunlight at the moment of charging.

Resistive, strong material- The ETFE material that makes up the backpack is a plastic polymer that can be compared to Teflon. In shorter terms, you won’t have to worry about ultraviolet rays or any rain or snow- the products within the backpack are safe and sound.

The backpack also lasts around two-to-three times longer outdoors than other solar battery chargers or backpacks of this kind which is always a plus.

Clamshell-like storage- A backpack needs its volume in order to store as much as it can to provide convenience to you. The Voltaic Solar Charging Backpack provides easy access inside the backpack with its clamshell-like design. Specifically speaking, there are around twenty liters of storage space!

There are many compartments within the backpack- you can store your laptop/tablet in the sleeve that separates your devices from the rest of the compartments so that the fragile, electronic devices don’t get damaged in some way- the sleeve can fit up to a 15” laptop.

Hydration Backpack With 1.8L Bladder Bag (ECE-611Red)

Why did we choose this one?
The ECEEN Hydration Backpack is specifically designed for hikers and bikers that get a lot of sun when they’re out and about. With its stylish look, all of the functionality of a solar charger is compacted into a spacious backpack.

Wherever you go, take your backpack with you, so you have the power of the sun with you! Get yours today at bit.ly/2CQkuJa

What are users saying about this product?
High-performing efficiency- ECEEN equips each of their solar charging backpacks with 22% efficiency which is a relatively high performance rate when compared to other solar backpacks in the market.

The lithium polymer battery is powerful- you can fully charge the bank in just under six hours of sunlight- this has the potential to fully charge three-to-four cellphones with a full capacity.

Increased flexibility and extra storage- The backpack holds around eight liters of space which is slightly less than an average college student’s backpack, but you won’t have to worry about the backpack being heavy- this backpack provides an intense amount of flexibility.

It also comes with a 1.8 liter camel bag for water or any other liquid for you to quench your thirst when you’re out in the open, away from water sources.

Decreased cost- This hiking backpack provides a lot of functionality for a low cost! For those who are wanting a simple-designed, efficient solar charging backpack without all the “tech-y” extra stuff, just know that this backpack costs around the same as, if not less than, my college backpack that I bought a few years ago- and mine doesn’t have a cool solar panel in it.


Why did we pick this one?
FARAZ manufactures and modernizes the solar charging backpack with their newest product- a highly fashionable backpack with a built-in, efficient solar charger.

If you’re gift-hunting for your office coworker/friend or your son/daughter who starts college soon, this will make a perfect gift because of its sleek, modern design that’s to last, on average, their entire college career. Get one for them, or yourself, at amzn.to/2Ej6l7I

What are users saying about this product?
Travel stress-free- The backpack is made with breathable, durable material which results in padded straps to put no stress on your shoulders. The backpack, due to its design, would sit comfortably on your back, so there’s no more need to keep adjusting the backpack when it’s mounted on you!

Potentially higher power-output- The solar panels efficiently output around six Watts of power to charge phones and laptops, but the product itself doesn’t include a power bank which to some can be a disadvantage.

You would have to buy your own power bank, but you aren’t limited to how much battery power you can store- you can buy a smaller one if you’re on a budget to store enough power to charge a phone or two.

You could also buy a bigger one that will store a lot more power over a longer period of time if you’re out in the sun a lot.

Assorted compartments- The backpack utilizes workmanship to tailor the best solar backpack with enough storage space to accommodate you. The accessories and devices in this backpack won’t be damaged as long as you aren’t in a dangerous environment. For this low of a cost, this backpack is practically a steal!


Why did we choose this one?
XD Design creates and manufactures safe and green solar backpacks to over 50 countries and more than 3,000 retailers worldwide. Their main priority falls to safety, fashion, and efficiency.

When they launched this backpack in 2016, it got a lot of support which is what caused them to build a backpack that has the high potential to last you for a decade. It might cost more than the other backpacks, but it lives up to its worth- try yours out at amzn.to/2Qc28Fs

What are users saying about this product?
Built-in anti-theft design- This product has integrated anti-theft designs with hidden zippers and no front access to protect what’s inside- no more having to worry about sneaky thieves on the bus or train. This product also features hidden RFID-protected pockets and a lockable/securable main zipper.

XD DESIGN BOBBY TECH BACKPACK with strap charging port

Improved user-friendly connectivity- With a built-in solar panel, the product provides enough charging to power your phone or laptop for long periods of time. With its technology, you can slip your phone right into one of the pockets of the backpack for wireless charging.

Sleeves, organization, and accessories- Inside the backpack, there are internal dividers and layers to secure and protect your devices inside the backpack- it features 15.6” laptop sleeves and 12.9” tablet sleeves along with an extensible key chain. The fidlock system provides you with more security.

Green-based responsibility- Being made with safe rPET materials- such as plastic soda bottles or water bottles- the product wants to stay as green and recyclable as possible, so you can feel a sense of responsibility with the world. The recycled material also provides more safety to the backpack as the product is cut-resistant- no more theft!


Why did we choose this product?
The EnerPlex Solar Powered Backpack includes a revolutionary solar integration system that allows you to charge your devices while on-the-go. Equipped with a flexible three watt solar panel, the pack can provide a lot of power to you.

For its cost, this product does not disappoint. Check it out today at amzn.to/2EjYtCM

What are users saying about this product?
Cost-to-efficiency ratio- Since the product only costs under thirty dollars, there is a decent amount of power that this product provides- the charging rate is around five-to-six hours for a full charge of a smartphone.

Improved, essential features- The backpack includes all of the essential amenities for your necessities such as padded laptop sleeves, expandable compartments, pen/business card/calculator pockets and much more.

The solar-on-plastic technology also makes the backpack lightweight and flexible- the panel itself adds virtually no weight to the backpack meaning no virtual weight on you.

Rugged and fit for any environment- The solar panel is strong- not only is it water-resistant but it’s also designed for the harshest conditions. The product has the capabilities of withstanding shocks, drops, punctures, and other minor harmful impacts.


Why did we choose this product?
For those that need more storage space when hiking or camping and don’t want to go over the budget, I’d highly recommend this product for them. The backpack is the go-to when it comes to a great all-around backpack that most people recommend as a starter backpack.

The external frame solar charging backpack made by ECEEN is one that’ll last you for some time. Try yours at today at amzn.to/31g4Vnu

What are users saying about this product?

EXTERNAL FRAME HIKING 68L with 20 watts solar charging panel

Large storage capacity- This product contains a spacious main compartment and lots of pockets with large capacity- we’re talking about a whopping 68 liters of space! The special, main pocket includes a closing drawstring design that provides a tight closure to prevent your items from falling from the backpack.

This backpack also meets size requirements for most airlines- it includes enough storage room to store items for 3 or 4 days trips.

Breathability for improved hiking- The wide, adjustable shoulder straps and chest straps provide enough load distribution to make sure that the backpack doesn’t cause you any pain, strain, or stress.

This backpack also features powerful hanging systems and independent end positions which enable it to carry large items such as shoes, sleeping bags, tents, trekking poles, tripods, cameras, etc- almost anything you can think of.

Conversation rate of sun power- The SunPower solar panel provides a 24 percent conversion rate between the sun’s rays and the power it outputs. The three Amperes that the output of the solar panels would allow you to quickly charge your phone or camera.

There’s no need to hang the panel up on a tree or mount it to a tent- you can keep all your devices charged wherever you go.

LifePod Backpack with Solar Panel USB charging Port

Why did we choose this product?
For those who aren’t extreme hikers but they do spend a decent amount of time in the sun, the LifePod solar panel backpack is the way to go.

The new stylish, solar-panel-integrated design helps the user stand out and look sleek and classy with a backpack like this. Try it out today at amzn.to/2Ed3IV1

sitting down charging phone with solar a panel backpack

What are users saying about this product?
High-quality material- The backpack provides a high-quality solar panel that’s integrated and non-removable. The solar panel also can withstand snow and rain, ensuring that your phone and backpack won’t get damaged in harsh weather.

Easier access to charging- There is a USB output pot that is on the outside of the backpack, so there’s no need to unzip your backpack to go through the hustle of charging your phone from the inside.

Comfortable material for long treks- The ultralight material ensures comfort for you throughout the entire day without putting too much stress on your shoulders. The cost is less than the average, stylish backpack- plus it has an efficient solar panel for quick charging on-the-go!

Buyer's Guide - What To Look For?

Let’s quickly go through some factors that might influence some decisions when it comes to buying a solar charging backpack.


backpack charging USB port

Most of the solar charging backpacks that we’ve reviewed in our guide hold the power of about six Watts which is a lot for a panel the size of a backpack

None of these solar panels have the power to keep a refrigerator or an air conditioner running, but they can provide a couple of charges to your phone- maybe just a full charge or two for something bigger like a laptop’s battery.


Some of the backpacks that we’ve seen don’t come with a power bank which is useful in some cases. This allows the user to buy whichever power bank that they would like, whether it holds a few hours of battery life or maybe even a few day’s worth of power.

battery capacity illustration

Some prefer if the power bank comes with the backpack- power banks aren’t too expensive, but they can definitely get up there depending on what size you’d like. The recommended power banks that come with backpacks can sometimes be better due to having to research power banks less and spending less sometimes.


Depending on what kind of conditions you’ll be hiking in, you’ll definitely want yourself a backpack that will last you for years- after all, you are paying for a premium product, you’d want to make sure it’s durable and won’t break down the day after you use it.

Durability and ruggedness of the solar panels can depend- the cheap backpacks will usually have an “alright” decent type of solar panels that won’t be waterproof or weather-resistant most of the time. The more you spend, the more durable the solar panels are likely to be; just a rule of the thumb.


hiking uphill with backpacks

Usually, the weight of the solar panel doesn’t contribute much to the weight of the backpack, but the bigger and bulkier that the backpack is, the heavier it’s going to weigh, obviously.

The bigger, bulkier types of backpacks are usually padded around the shoulders with gel-like material to cushion the impact that the shoulder straps have against the user’s shoulders to take away some stress and pain from a heavy backpack.

Manufacturers know how much weight that backpacks can hold- as a hiker and a camper, you’ll want to stuff as many necessities you’d like into a backpack. This is why engineers are working on making the backpacks feel like they weigh less by offsetting the center of gravity of your body plus the weight of the backpack and balancing both to make the backpack more “carry-able.”


Adjustability is a big factor when it comes to some hikers and campers since they want to feel the most comfort- hikers usually are walking or trekking for several hours throughout the day in the scorching heat of the sun.

Making sure that the straps of the backpack aren’t too loose or tight can have a big impact on how much pain you’ll feel throughout the day from carrying that heavy of a load.

I’d recommend chest-strapped backpacks to the hikers out there since they do an extra-better job protecting what’s inside the backpack along with keeping your balance straight.


There are many frequently asked questions that users have over the backpack- many product descriptions don’t answer these questions.

So we target these questions and do our hardest to answer some of them for the convenience of the user. Let’s go through some of the questions!

Solar panel charger for laptop

Can you charge a laptop with a solar charging backpack?

Usually for charging a laptop, a six Watt solar panel can do the job, but it’ll take a long time for one full charge. Since laptops have a relatively larger battery compared to a camera’s or a phone’s, they require more power generally.

A really good solar panel will need to be around sixty Watts to charge your laptop over a shorter time, but those types of solar panels are far too large to be put on backpacks.

I’d recommend buying a foldable solar panel that folds up and stores in your solar backpack for more power- the only downside is that foldable solar panels are more stationary whereas the solar backpacks charge even if you’re moving around.

Would rain damage solar panels?

outdoor colorado raining in the forest

Most of the backpacks that we’ve reviewed are weather-resistant. This, over time due to technology, has gotten easier to do since the black part of the solar panels is sticking out of the backpack and facing towards the sky, and all of the wirings is internally done.

As long as water or other harmful liquids don’t spill or get inside of the backpack, you’ll be fine to wear most solar backpacks during a good amount of rain.

How long will the solar backpacks last?

Most backpacks last around a couple of years, and most solar panels that are integrated into the backpacks last for several years. If the backpack that you buy is a little more costly than others, chances are that it probably will last you a lot longer than the cheaper backpacks.

Since the technology is new, my recommendation would be to buy a warranty if the company offers it- this will help you out if your solar panel-ed backpack breaks down or stops working.

Solar charging backpacks are still relatively new to the game, and they’re constantly being improved and renovated in some way or another. Manufacturers are working on the factors that we discussed further up and trying to make them as efficient as possible for as little as it’ll cost to make them.

Don’t be tricked, though- solar charging backpacks do not, and should not, cost over $300. Some companies will try to rip you off and sell you a cheap solar panel for a premium price. Some products genuinely are premium-based and use quality material, but do some research first before buying- it’s never a bad idea.

We hope this guide helped you find your next backpack!