Best Solar Powered Mini Fridges

Whether you are on grid or off grid, having a quality 12V fridge is a must.

In this buyer's guide, let's check out the best 12V solar-powered mini-fridges available online to buy. These will plug right into your solar system around 200 - 300 watts, and at least 100 amp-hour battery.

Be-aware the cheap products and avoid them at all cost

Let's check them out:

Best 12V Mini Fridges [On/Off Grid]

ARB ZERO Fridge - Most Popular

Why Buy This One? - Run it directly off your solar system or on-grid for years. Many people who have it never had any issues, and they are built tough for outdoor applications

Dual 12V/24V Plugs - Orientate the fridge in flexible directions and have power outlet available on RV, Trailer, Jeep or at home

Charge Your Devices - Built in USB ports to charge your phone, laptop and other small devices

Blutooth Enabled - Download the app and control and monitor the fridge at the tip of your finger

Dual Content Zone - Freeze something, yes you can on top of regular refrigeration. Removable compartment divider allowing you to convert your dual zone fridge/freezer into a single zone

Available in:

Single Zone

37 Quart

50 Quart

47 Quart

63 Quart

Dual Zone

73 Quart

101 Quart

Domestic 12V Fridge - Best Price

Similar to the ARB Zero, but way cheaper.

Available in:

28 Quart

75 Quart

95 Quart

100 Quart

GoSun 12V Chill Cooler - Super Lightweight & Simple

Why Buy This One? If maintaining fresh food and drinks are important to your particular outdoor situation without ICE. This is a cooler system best for off-grid use where no ice is needed to keep things cool. This is a must-have for emergency scenarios and it's great to have one just in case.

Charge With Sunlight Or Direct Power - Charge the cooler with the sun or using direct power source to keep the cooler working

No ICE Required - The solar cooler's refrigeration technology keeps food and drinks cool, dry and even frozen for outdoor applications. No ice means no added weight or leaving a bucket of water at the end of the day

Store Up To 50 Cans Of Drinks - 40 liter capacity is enough to hold most supplies you need in an survival situation. For outdoor camping applications, this is enough storage for a whole 3 days.

Buyer's Guide

Top Reasons To Get One

  • For people buying grocery in the city, then drives 1 - 2 hours back to their homes in remote areas
  • Long duration camping activities
  • Emergency prep

Size & Fitting

There are tons of offering available based on your needs.

Go big for RV, long duration outdoor activities, please go with a large quart

If you're planning on fitting this in your Jeep or mount it on your RV for easy deployment? Please measure the area you would like to install the fridge and then make a decision on how big the fridge you need.

Additional Features

Most portable fridges will feature built in Blutooth technology so you can monitor and control the fridge via your smart phone device.

In addition, some will come with additional USB port to charge your devices while doing outdoor activities.