How To Prevent Sun Damage To Car Paint

UV rays from the sun are extremely powerful and they can damage human skin, and they can also oxidize and fade/crack the paint on your car.

In this guide, we show you how to prevent sun damage to your car paint before it looks old and worn out.

Follow these simple tips and you’re good to go

Park Away From The Sun As Much As You Can

Parking your car under the shade isn’t always possible, but it can prevent it from getting baked in the sun, and you can also protect the headlights and rubberized trim from damage.

Whether If you have an super expensive car or not, it’s the easiest thing you can do to prevent sun damage.

Wash The Car Frequently & Hand Dry The Surface

Washing it in the car wash is fine. If washing outside, just do it out of direct sunlight.

Removing dirt and dust particles off the car can prevent micro scratches and dull the car paint.

Use microfiber towels or chamois Hand drying is the most important part to finish the job correctly.

Apply High Quality Wax

Adding a layer of wax can protect the sun’s ultraviolet ray from damaging the car’s surface paint. Based on the car, it’s recommended to wax the car on a regular basis.

Apply Ceramic Coating

Adding a layer of ceramic coat will fill the tiny gaps and imperfections on the car paint to prevent any pollutants from getting stuck on the surface.

Common FAQ

Does the sunlight fade some color faster than others?

Every color on the visible spectrum has an unique wavelength, and they absorb light differently.

Red absorbs everything and it tend to fade more because it’s on the far left of the visible light spectrum where the wavelength is the longest and it breaks down the paint molecules much more aggressively than others.

This is similar to color with a blend of reds such as orange or purple.

Tips To Protect The Car Interior From Sun Damage

  • Park in the shade to keep the dash from drying and cracking.
  • Leave the window open just a little crack to help lower the interior temperature and equalize the air pressure on a hot day.
  • Use windshield sun protector to keep the car cool and prevent sun damage
  • Wipe down the dash as often as you can to remove dust
  • Install seat cover to keep the seat cool
  • Use conditioner on the leather seat to prevent tears and keep it clean