Normal VS Deep Cycle Batteries [Explained In Simple Terms]

In this guide, we explain the difference between normal vs deep cycle batteries with a super simple explanation.

Regular or Deep-Cycle Batteries Explained

Deep Cycle Batteries

Deep cycle batteries are renewable energy lead-acid batteries:

  • Can recharge & discharge regularly to provide a long, steady stream of power
  • Thicker active plates, with higher-density active paste material and thicker separators (allows more charge and discharge cycles)

The type includes:

  • Wet Cell or Flooded battery has been around for a very long time. It’s cheap and reliable but requires inspection and topping up of the battery fluid periodically.
  • AGM batteries use a glass mat saturated with electrolyte. They are good for a quick burst of amps but it doesn’t like being deeply discharged and therefore are not well-suited for these applications.
  • Gel batteries doesn’t leak if it tips over. It’s a valve regulated, maintenance free, lead acid battery(lowest maintainence)

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Lead-Acid Batteries

Lead-Acid Batteries are “normal starter batteries”

  • Used on cars for high initial current to get the engine started and fast recharge
  • Longer lifespan because the power is never fully drained
  • Been around the longest
  • Most affordable

It produce a large jolt of power at one time in order to start the car’s engine. After that, the alternator takes over and recharges the battery. This type of battery can go on for a long time without being drained more than 20% of its overall power.

Common FAQ

Can deep cycle battery be used for vehicle?

Deep cycle battery will NOT be able to generate enough current output to start your car. Especially in In freezing weather under around -10 degree celsius.

If they are used in a vehicle, their life span will shorten and it will damage the alternator voltage regulator greatly.

Which battery should you use for solar energy store?

Choose a battery with adequate capacity, power, battery life and depth of discharge for storing solar energy.

Wet-cell deep-cycle batteries were the go-to for off-grid systems, providing dependable storage for a relatively low cost, and they have been around for a very long time.

Lithium-ion batteries have grown to become the most popular method of solar storage. They are smaller, sleeker, longer-lasting option, and has higher DoD over lead-acid batteries (about 80% – 90%) to power heavy electrical loads.

Can you hook a deep cycle battery to a regular battery?

You can hook a deep cycle battery to a regular battery ONLY for a short time. For long duration use will shorten the lifespan of the deep cycle battery due to the high charging speed

Can you combine normal starting battery and deep cycle battery in parallel?

We recommend sticking to a deep cycle battery of the same chemistry, instead of choosing a gel or AGM battery with different charging requirements.