5 Must-Haves In Your Vehicle While Stuck In Traffic

Stuck in heavy traffic is always annoying, but sometimes it can get worse if you’re not ready for it at all. In this article let’s talk about the 4 must-haves in your vehicle while stuck in traffic to get you prepared.

I was recently stuck on I-70 West in central Colorado due to a semi-truck roll over that blocked two lanes of traffic facing west and east. Anyone who drove through I 70 in Colorado knows that this region is very scary to get stuck for hours if you are low on gas or don’t have any cell phone signal.

Luckily, I had couple things in my vehicle to help me get through the day.

Water & Snack

Getting stuck in traffic in remote locations or during a major pile-up like this sucks. We have seen it before and it will happen again.

traffic jam pile up

Nowhere to go, can’t reverse, can’t get food nearby. So always pack at least 4 bottles of water and some protein-rich snacks in the vehicle before departing.

Solar Battery Bank

solar usb power charger multiple devices

Turn off your vehicle if you’re stuck in traffic for too long to save gas. That means you can’t charge your phone, so you need an external power source.

A typical small-size solar battery bank can’t charge your phone fast enough in an emergency situation if it’s not prepared before the trip, but it can help keep your cellphone device alive to reach help if you’re stuck in traffic for hours and you had to turn off the vehicle to save gas.

You can also help others stuck in traffic along side you much as you can.


Whether you get stuck in bumper to bumper traffic or lone in remote locations especially in the dark, a flashlight helps you to see and signal for help.

Modern-day tactical flashlights have extremely long battery life and high lumen intensity to help you illuminate the scene, fix things and navigate in low light.

Medical Kit

Car accidents are generally what causes traffic jams and having some kind of medical kit in your vehicle can help someone in desperate needs before emergency services arrive at the scene.

A simple medical kit includes:

  • QuikClot & tourniquet to stop bleeding
  • Pressure dressing for moderate bleeding
  • Trauma shears
  • Sharpie marker
  • S Rolled compressed gauze for wound packing

You can get this all-in-one kit here. Or check out more from MyEDCHub.com

Solar Car Cooling Fan

acool car fan

A solar car fan can help you get through the day especially if it’s a hot sunny day and you had to turn your vehicle off. The solar car fan absorbs the sunlight to power the fan to cool things down inside the vehicle. Simply just mount it on the car window and let it work.

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