Solar Panel Optimizer VS Micro Inverter = Explained

Solar Optimizer VS Micro inverter, what are they and how do they work are explained in this short read.

After reading this content you will know what to do with your solar power project.

What Is An Optimizer

A power optimizer isolate and condition the DC power of each solar panel to a string and feed to a central inverter while connected with an inverter

  • Provides system monitoring
  • Each panel is optimized independently
  • Centralized DC to AC conversion
  • Reduce shading impact on solar panels
  • Less expensive

What Is An Micro Inverter

A micro inverter is a small grid tied inverter device that does all the work and mounts to each solar panel to convert direct current to alternating current.

  • The system is set up to be expanded later
  • No need for a separate central inverter
  • Everything is located on the roof
  • The power output of each panel is optimized independently


Both optimizer and micro inverter:

  • Both convert DC to AC
  • Increase system production and solar panel efficiency
  • Reduce wiring cost
  • Easy to install
  • Improve performance in a shaded environment

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